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Which Zodiac Signs Are The Best Lovers? We Reveal The Zodiac's Top 3 Lovers

Though they are just as capable of having a long-term relationship, they are quite capable of separating emotion from sex. This allows them to still have fun even while continuing their search for someone who will measure up to their ideal. Virgos are a mutable earth sign.

Virgos are exceptionally confusing in love: they have a steely exterior that often causes them to treat their partner like a project they have to fix… all the while hiding a very soft, warm, and vulnerable center. Virgos are not known for their effusive romance, so those who are looking to be showered with affection and told they are beautiful several times a day are better off looking elsewhere. Virgo will show their love through acts of service and need those who already have a solid foundation of confidence beneath them.

Virgos will play hard to get at first because they are afraid of showing just how vulnerable they really are. If your Virgo lover is a hyper-perfectionist who spends more time critiquing then they do offering encouragement, chances are they have been taken for the proverbial romantic ride and are guarding their hearts carefully.

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They also need things to follow a natural progression, so they will move slow and take time in each phase of a relationship. Librans are the sign that loves love! They are a cardinal air sign ruled by Venus. They are most concerned with partnerships, romance, fairness, harmony, and sophistication. Librans are the great analyzers of the zodiac and rest assured every little aspect of a potential mate and the connection will be evaluated in great detail before Libra will proceed.

They are not a fan of drama—while this is true for just about all of us, Librans tend to take this to another level. Their sense of inner peace is highly related to their outer circumstances. If there is drama and chaos in their lives, they will not be able to find any sense of inner balance. Because of this, they tend to be cautious when choosing a mate. Whether or not the relationship will last is a question they will analyze ad nauseam.

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Until they are sure the connection has the potential to go the long haul, they will not open their hearts fully. Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by Mars and Pluto, making Scorpios one of the most mysterious of all the signs. They are concerned most with understanding the great mysteries of life and death, transformation, secrets, and the collective unconscious.

This is not a sign that is concerned with trivial small talk and will zero in on what makes you most interesting. They are great at getting you to divulge your deepest secrets—even those who try to resist only fuel the interest of the Scorpion. This innate curiosity and desire to truly know someone and understand them oftentimes leads others to think that Scorpios are more attached than they really are.


In truth, Scorpios are naturally incredibly curious and equally incredibly guarded with their hearts. Someone who is highly intelligent and communicative coupled with a strong and stable foundation is needed. Sexually , they are in need of someone who is high energy, as they are known for being one of the most sexually explosive and adventurous of the signs.

Sagittarians are ruled by Jupiter and are a mutable fire sign. They are most concerned with idealism, freedom, optimism, and pleasure. Sagittarians are the great explorers of the zodiac and are constantly jaunting off on their next adventure. Pleasure is always high on the priority list for a Sagittarian, but relationships are not.

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Sagittarians often see relationships as confining and, as such, tend to avoid them. Sagittarians need someone who is capable of flying by the seat of their pants, to enjoy having an open relationship for a while with the potential for progression to commitment. Most of all, they need a partner who understands their need for freedom and to occasionally fly off and do something on their own.

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Anyone who can provide this will be rewarded immensely. Sagittarians are incredibly fun, supportive, and loyal once they commit to you. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and the element earth. This can make their romantic MO a little lackluster for those signs who are looking for more overt displays of affection and love. They prefer to show their love and affection through providing stability and structure.

A Sagittarian is born to study the world's peoples and cultures to find personal and philosophical truths. Sagittarians are typically restless and need the freedom to be, say, think, go and do what they want.

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A Capricorn is born to work hard, make their own way in the world, and earn respect. Capricorns are typically ambitious, independent, and resourceful.

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An Aquarian is born to work for a cause and collaborate with groups of people. Aquarians are typically intellectual individuals who are friendly, with an impersonal nature and are tolerant of others. A Pisces is born to embrace their creativity, freedom of mind and reach beyond what is tangible.

Typically, Pisces are dreamers and chameleons who can slip in and out of a wide variety of personas. Sun sign astrology is very simplified astrology; genuinely accurate horoscopes are custom-made, much more involved and interpreted for the individual.

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More often than not, the relationships aspects the sun in a natal chart has with the other planets in it a horoscope can mitigate the worst, accentuate the best or vice versa. Cancers make it clear they care and are there for you, no matter what you need.

Virgos tend to be very trustworthy and they're not going to do anything with what you tell them. Virgos are great at being present, interested in what another person is saying, and not interrupting. They may not seem sensitive and compassionate, but they are, and they understand the importance of just getting it all out. They won't judge you or try to insert themselves in the conversation by trying to one-up your problems.

What happened to you is unique, and even if Taurus had a similar experience, it's not the same as what you went through. Geminis are great to vent to because they understand how it's the best thing you can do for yourself. They may be great conversationalists, but they're also great at listening.