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The rest are considering what higher purpose life has in store for them, or maybe trying to deal with physical and emotional lessons that are hard. This second return is normally about mental, religious, social, biological, and spiritual aspects of life. We react against limitations which maturity or social customs have imposed upon us. This time our protests are often against sexual or emotional components of life, and how they are changing.

There is also an ego protest going on against cultural and religious traditions, and in fact at this Saturn return people often suffer a crisis of religion. Once a person becomes almost 60, they have lost many loved ones who have passed on, suffered greatly, or just grew apart from each other, and it may be very difficult to reconcile this with their past religious beliefs.

But for the ones who have been living life and meeting their responsibilities, this Saturn return can be a time of trying out new projects or plans, a time where there is finally more time to pursue interests. When I was 58, the same age as my husband, he suddenly passed on, unwilling to face his health issues. So he apparently fulfilled his mission for this incarnation, and I have not yet. And apparently I am supposed to learn to live independently, without him, the hardest part, since we were together for 39 years.

Why the Saturn Return is important?

I've had to decide who I am without him, since I met him and fell in love with him at age It's been 3 years, and I still feel like I have been cut in half. My son has also undergone serious career changes during his first Saturn Return. I am sure he will come out of his first Saturn return in tact, this change of direction happened right during my second Saturn return!

He has learned in a very hard way that although he worked hard and had two careers. He was pleasing other people, at the expense of his own life plan. Not to mention his Father died during this period. Saturn's Karmic lessons are very difficult, and you need all your strength to get through them. People also tend to need to guard their health more as they approach , so visits to the gym and other exercise regimens often become important. Life finally slows down a little, and it becomes time to make sure we feel well enough to do what is most important to us at this stage.

It is also a time of fulfillment as far as higher consciousness, and our minds can understand the essence and meanings of our experiences better than before. We look at life with a greater sense of detachment and drama, and some opportunities can present liberation from the past now. The aging process in our time is studied religiously by researchers and sociologists. It is apparent that people who are currently in the age brackets go to great lengths to look as young as possible. Or some careers depend on looking youthful, so people resort to plastic surgery, medications so they have no wrinkles, and hair coloring so their gray does not show.

If you put on the TV most news people can barely move their mouths or have expressions on their faces! This weekend I was offered the "senior discount" when I was out for dinner, and took it very hard! People often tell me I look at least 10 years younger than I am. On the up side, I feel more confident about speaking my truth, and find I do not really care too much about what others think of me as long as I feel good about myself.

When the third Saturn return is set into motion at around , forces are put into motion which can lead to the possibility of entering a fulfilling time. Of course, each person will experience different things according to how they develop individually. If the person is willful and still has a clear and open mind, they will experience an even deeper sense of detachment from whatever the ego has clung to and striven to possess. A further process of biological deterioration or impairment of bodily functions is to be expected now.

The memory patterns of everyday happenings cause a lessening of attention to everyday problems or to personal relationships. This period can also cause a wider social acceptance of what the individual has tried to accomplish during their life, and cause a transformation at a social, religious, or mystical level.

Others may learn much if they listen to the prophetic vision of the elder person. Our society does not often respect elders as other cultures do, and they are often left alone or lonely by their children and grandchildren.

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This may be because families do not stay physically close together anymore, but also grow away in spirit. The problems of old age have become increasingly important in the U. In one way, this forces an older person in better health to remain more active in creative projects. It is proven that elderly people who keep up their interests and make plans to keep busy enjoy much better health. They also have much life experience and can make excellent mentors to younger generations of people.

But even if we must accept them at the physical level, we can at least fight them with our minds and spirits! As one reaches 90, they may experience clarity of vision and have transcendent inner realizations that can supply them with a large harvest of wisdom. After all, the whole Saturn return experience is about reaping what we have sown.

Revelations about the workings of the Universe and how it relates to one as a person could not have been understood in the bloom of youth. It can be possible to live out our final years loved and respected by our families, and in fulfillment, peace and beauty. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Saturn is the karmic or teacher planet. Normally wherever it shows up in our astrology birth chart is an area where we will have limitations and delays in our lives. I would need to know the house it's in for that. Saturn in Aries means the lessons you will need to learn are initiative, patience, and self-reliance in providing the necessary things in life.

What Even Is Saturn Return?

By the obligation of having to use your own wits and resources, you will develop your will and strength of character. Aries causes people to act without thinking or planning enough, and Saturn brings the consequences of that. It's hard for you to see yourself as others see you. You are usually initiating new cycles of experience, without taking time to consider where that will lead.

You can tend to be selfish and trample on the rights of others. You are resourceful though and often think of new ways to accomplish tasks. You are mentally creative. So it seems you have talent, but depend too much on others for what you have. Those days will end soon, my friend, and you will have to rely on yourself to get whatever it is you need. Aries is the sign of immaturity, so your lesson will make you grow up fast. Is this your first Saturn return? They occur approximately every 30 years, so if it is, it can happen from ages , as Saturn's course is elliptical.

Saturn returns are never easy. They cause chaos in our lives. If you have been responsible, that will help, but if you haven't matured and worked hard to be an adult, the first Saturn return will bite. Many of us lose parents or loved ones through death, teaching us to show appreciation for those we love at every chance we get. If you haven't worked hard, something will happen to make your financial future very insecure, and you will be working hard fast.

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I don't want to scare you, but Saturn returns bring very serious life lessons, so pay attention. And if you don't do well with this one, the 2nd one at ages will be harder. I can't predict exactly what will happen without a whole Natal Birth chart.

The Importance of Your Saturn Return in Astrology

Blake There are 12 signs and 12 houses are in our astrology chart. Each house represents different areas of our life. There is nothing in our life which is not covered by astrology. These houses are connected with each other as every sector of our life. During the Saturn returns, the primary focus will be on the sign which natal Saturn resides, but all the other areas also will get activated.

So, during every Saturn returns there will be a tough situation and you will be moving in a serious mode. The universe is basically reminding you that you are getting older and you need to use your time productively. You may feel like a crisis, but the universe is just shaking up your life. It is like Saturn grinding the gold in you to bring you out as a beautiful ornament. It is like the goldsmith turning a piece of gold into a beautiful ornament. If you are not a rebel, then you will see the goodness.

You should have a good idea about your full astrology chart. Our natal chart is the promise of what we have to go through in our present life. It will show you the possibilities and challenges as well. You can get the help of an astrologer to understand the positives and negatives which you are destined for.

Saturn Return by Karen Christino | Karen Christino

Self-analysis is also good, but it may give you a biased view. Check when your next Saturn return is and how much time is left for the next return. Make a list of things indicated by the sign and house where natal Saturn is placed. Analyze what was your activity related to that matters. Saturn's position in your Astrology birth chart reveals your major life lessons, as well as the fears you have to overcome to achieve success. Saturn also represents what's important to you, and shows the goals you are here to pursue, based on your values.

When your actions -- especially your work in the world -- are aligned with your inner Saturn, you experience a sense of integrity and satisfaction.

What Is Your First Saturn Return?

When you're out of alignment, you feel Saturn's shadow -- restriction, lack and fear. Your Saturn Return -- which typically kicks in around age 27 or 28 -- is a time of coming into alignment with your life's true path. Work tends to be a major theme, and many make significant career changes during this time.

Don't think that you're "too old" to take your work in a new direction, or even go back to school for training in an entirely different field. Saturn rules longevity and old age and wants you to imagine yourself at age 80, looking back on your life. What do you want to have accomplished? What will you regret not doing because you were afraid to take a risk?

Saturn will give you very clear signals if you're not aligned with your calling and pursuing your passions. Those who ignore the signs and resist change could be forced by circumstances into a new line of work. Saturn is the "tough love" planet, whose lessons can feel harsh. However, whatever losses you experience during your Saturn Return are really helping you in the long run, compelling you to come into integrity with your truth. Because your Saturn Return is typically a time when you have to "make your own luck," don't expect work opportunities to come falling out of the sky.

Be willing to be humble and start small. If you're interested in pursuing a new path and don't yet have the experience to land a paying job, then volunteer your time.